The point & shoot camera is Dead! (to me anyway) / by JD Andrews

Click. Crap! Click. Crap, crap!!!


Today I returned the last point & shoot camera I'll ever buy!

A back-up, for spontaneous craziness, to hand to strangers to snap a pic of me at a cool spot...this is what my point & shoot camera was for.

I started with a Sony and was never happy about the clarity and color ( I would always take 2-3 shots of the same thing, just to make sure it was in focus) but after you buy a few expensive 'Sony' memory cards, you're stuck. 

But after seeing my friends vacation photos, that were clear and very colorful (the guy was no photographer, it was all camera) I made the move to Canon and never looked back....well for a few years anyway.

I was always happy with the Canon point & shoot cameras, so much that I probably went through five different models. I would still be using my latest Canon, the PowerShot Elph but it was stolen on a trip to Mexico.

What was next? Another Canon?

Since I've been using my iPhone with great results, I wanted more out of the ol' point & shoot.


How about one with a GPS and waterproof? Since Canon doesn't make one, I choose the Nikon Coolpix AW100.

It looked very cool and I was thrilled that I could take photos and video underwater.

So I took with me on my trip to Universal Studios last weekend to test it out.

The two pics above (of the Christmas trees) were taken the first day. I could not get it to focus.

To be fair, it took some ok photos and I never had the chance to test the clarity underwater.

But after too many out of focus shots...


I grabbed my iPhone4 (not 4S) and used it for the whole trip.

Not only did it take great photos, you have so many cool apps to manipulate and share them immediately with your friends, family and social networks.

Just don't take it underwater!

To show how good the iPhone4 is, I took it to Butterfly world and

(In my opinion) got some really amazing photos.

So that's it, no more point & shoot cameras for me.

What about you? Do you have a favorite point & shoot camera? Do you just use your smartphone?

Please let me know in the comments.