Handy Travel Accessories from Tom Bihn / by JD Andrews


Tom Bihn is known for wonderful travel bags, with his 30+ years of design experience but he also has tons of amazing accessories!


The RFID Blocking Passport Pouch is designed to carry and protect your passport or other sensitive documents while traveling. It can be worn under or outside your clothing, around your neck or waist.


The Travel tray is also perfect for going through Airport security, just place your keys, cell phone, change etc in the tray and everything is in one secure place.


The 3D Clear Organizer Cube is a one-compartment organizer cube with clear front and back panels. The 3D Clear Organizer Cube was designed specifically to meet the TSA 3-1-1 liquids-program requirements. It works great for that purpose and, unlike a ziplock bag, is reusable and guaranteed to last through years.


The Horizontal Freudian Slip (cool accessory with the best name!) is an insert that adds eleven extra pockets to your bag to help organize your files and other stuff.


All Made in the USA in the TOM BIHN Seattle factory