Gear, Gadgets & Gizmos - Quick Pod Explorer II Review / by JD Andrews

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The QuikPod Explorer II is a nice little camera extender that seems to cover all the bases.

It's small and lightweight which makes it easy to travel with. It definitely helps in getting those cool shots when no one is around to help.

What I like about the QuikPod Explorer II;

  • To make sure you're always in the shot, it has a built in mirror!
  • It's waterproof!
  • Quick Release mounts (this is a big one) I hate trying to 'screw' my camera on a tripod or monopod.
  • It also comes with 3 adapters, standard, mobile phone and another biggie, one made for the Go Pro!
  • A rubberized handle makes it easy to hang on to.
  • And a padded carry bag.
  • The only drawback that I encountered was the mount, it's made out of easily breakable plastic.
  • Around $50

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