Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos - P^cubed - Pick-Pocket Proof - Adventure Traveler Shorts / by JD Andrews

The P^cubed - Pick-Pocket Proof Pants - Adventure Traveler Shorts Review


I've had a pair of these cargo shorts for quite awhile now and they've become my favorite travel shorts! Why?

Pockets, lots of pockets and hidden pockets inside zipper and buttoned outer pockets making them "Pick-Pocket Proof." A place for your phone, passport, money etc. all safe and secure plus a big back pocket making it easy to carry a large travel guide with you.

If that wasn't enough (do I sound like a late night infomercial yet?) it comes with a cool water bottle holding pocket. (Wahoo, more pockets!)

The material is durable and the buttons are very secure. (I've lost so many badly sewn buttons around the world)

My favorite thing about these shorts is the Teflon fabric protector, it Repels Oil/Water and Stains as I seem to get messy when I'm on an adventure!

They are a little more expensive but for the quality, security and multitudes of pockets, they are definitely worth the extra few bucks!