Cars and Star Wars! / by JD Andrews

It’s all happening at The Happiest Place on Earth, Disney World.

What Dad can pass that up? Not me.

I was very excited to meet the other traveling dads and have a chance to drive some Chevys during the TDAD conference last month in Orlando.

The first night we had a Star Wars themed meet & greet with some wonderful food and imperial intruders.

I grew up with Star Wars and was thrilled to see and hear all about the new shows, toys and future plans for the franchise at Hollywood Studios.



Magic Kingdom Photos Minus the Magic Kingdom

My self appointed assignment while visiting the park was to capture the fun through a photo tour. 



BUT…My daughter wanted to see and visit with the Princesses. So instead of capturing the Magic Kingdom I shared the thrill of meeting not one, not two but FOUR Princess with my daughter. Rapunzel, Snow White, Elsa and Anna.

Midlife Crisis starts now

I wasn’t going through one but after getting to drive the 2016 Chevy Camaro, I turned back into a teenager and was ready to look cool and go fast!

It was a quick weekend but a very memorable one!