Trinidad's number one attraction - The Caroni Bird Sanctuary / by JD Andrews

Known as "Trinidad's number one attraction" The Caroni Bird Sanctuary - The home of the Scarlet Ibis.

After boarding your boat, you'll slowly cruise through beautiful mangroves, trying to spot various wildlife along the way.

Keep an eye out for: various birds, termite mounds, four-eyed fish, lizards and....SNAKES hiding in the tree branches above your head.

Sit back and enjoy the wonderful surroundings....

This is the home to the national bird of Trinidad, the scarlet ibis.

When the sun starts to set, you will make your way to the middle of the sanctuary. The boat will stop, giving you the best view of several little islands that are covered in trees and foliage.

This is where the show begins!

Like clock work, you start to see thousands of ibis flying straight for the island. The majority fly in from our left side but keep an eye to your right as well.


The beautifully white and red colored feathers are a sharp contrast to the many shades of green of the mangroves.

They just keep coming....

We were told the Ibis go to nearby Venezuela to feed and then fly home each night.

An amazing sight! I highly recommend this while you are seeing the wonderful islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

"Live the Adventure"