The National Museum of Scotland ~ A Visual Tour / by JD Andrews

Rainy and windy, another day in Edinburgh Scotland but then...sunshine.

12 travel journalist and bloggers, all from different countries, came together in Scotland for the Creative Scotland press trip, sponsored by Visit Scotland.

Our first stop was the newly remodeled National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street, Edinburgh.

"A £47m initiative is transforming the magnificent Victorian part of the National Museum of Scotland (formerly the Royal Museum) into a must-see attraction for people from Scotland and around the world."

Grand Gallery

"With its soaring pillars and high windows, the light-filled atrium of the Grand Gallery provides a spectacular start to your museum visit. On display are large items that highlight Scotland’s contribution to the world and reflect the vast diversity of our collections."

The newly-restored cast iron fountain stands near the centre of the Grand Gallery.

8th century Japanese statue represents the Buddha Amida seated on a lotus pedestal in an attitude of meditation.This Columbia Printing Press was made in Edinburgh by D&J Greig in around 1860

Natural World

"The Natural World galleries tell the story of our planet, its place in the solar system and the universe, and the life upon it. Marvel at our Wildlife Panorama, explore the evolution, diversity and amazing abilities of the animal species of the world and discover the inventions and technologies that have helped increase our understanding of the world."

Dolly hit the headlines in 1997 as the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. She was born at the Roslin Institute just outside Edinburgh, on 5 July 1996.This optic demonstrates Thomas Stevenson’s design for the Leading Light which guided shipping into the Tay. This particular optic was exhibited in Paris in 1867.

Our private tour through the museum was capped off with a delicious dinner served in the newly created entrance below the first level.


There are many more galleries to eXplore and hours of fun examing the thousands of incredible objects in this beautiful museum.


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The National Museum of Scotland is in the middle of Edinburgh's historic Old Town, just minutes from the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle, and is open daily 10:00-17:00. 

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All text in Italic is from the NMS website.



This trip to Scotland was sponsored by Visit Scotland, Scotland’s National Tourism Board.