The Fascinating City of Kirkcudbright Scotland / by JD Andrews

I always enjoy eXploring places that are not usually on the list of tourists, like Kirkcudbright Scotland. A very colorful little town with a rich history.

Last year I was invited to the land of tartan by VisitScotland and now after watching the trailer Brave, Disney's new movie, has made mehomesick for a place I've never lived.

So I started looking through my many photos from that trip and decided to share a few from Kirkcudbright.


Kirkcudbright Parish Church Greyfriars Church McLellan's Castle McLellan's Castle McLellan's CastleKirkcudbright War Memorial by G.H.Paulin

Kirkcudbright Parish ChurchKirkcudbright's Celtic CrossIn memory of loved ones lost at sea - Wooden statue in Kirkcudbright harbor

"Live The Adventure"