Love is like a Butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes by JD Andrews

Capture the Colour - Around the Colorful World by JD Andrews

The world is full of color (or colour) and my job is to capture it and share it.

Here are some of my favorite Pics that fall into a five colour category: Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red.


I took this on my trip to Antarctica in February during one of the three full days of blue skies and sunshine, which apparently in this part of the world is unheard of, making the water a beautiful deep blue color.

Before this trip I knew penguins were very agile and quick under the water but had NO idea that they could jump so high and far out of the water while swimming along. It made for a great photo but very difficult to capture since you never knew where they would pop up next.


I took this while Gorilla trekking in Rwanda back in 2010. This was the very first trip with my brand new camera, the Canon 5D MarkII, which I was still trying to figure out.

When you see photos in National Geographic, they always look perfect, like the photographer just walked up *click* and they're done. Well, during this hike, I really appreciated everything the pros go through to get those incredible shots.

We started with an easy uphill hike that after about an hour turned into a maze through a bamboo Forrest which eventually became a serious climb that included hanging on to spiky vines, stepping on bended trees and bushes to crawling on hands and knees to keep moving forward to reach the area where a group of Gorillas were spotted.

It was worth every bloody spike and twisted ankle to see the group of: three babies, two mothers and one very large silverback — all just playing and eating.

While trying to balance on the side of a mountain, releasing the branch that I was holding on to so I wouldn't plummet to my death, I was just fast enough to zoom, focus and click this once in a lifetime shot.

A moment I will never forget.


I took this on my trip to Trinidad and Tobago this January at Maracas Beach, the only beach I've been to with Wi-Fi.

The life guard was walking by and I asked him if I could get a quick photo since his yellow jacket would be a cool mix between the palm trees shadow on the sand and natures greens (hill) and blues (ocean). He only stood still for a quick second but I was happy with the colorful results. 

I've been to many Caribbean Islands during my travels but this was my first time in Trinidad and Tobago. They are beautiful Islands that have a lot of history and interesting food.


Another photo I took on my trip to Antarctica in February was this amazing juxtaposition between this HUGE Mountain (covered in white snow that form into glaciers around the base) and this little island of Port Lockroy that was British research station until 1962 (see the building?) And now is renovated museum and post office operated by the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.

The island is inhabited by hundreds of penguins and just a few people. I'm not sure how they (the humans) sleep at night with the continuous noise of the penguins, not to mention the smell but they all seemed in good form while I was buying my Antarctica souvenirs. :)


I took this on my trip to Egypt last year in Cairo. As usual, I was taking lots and lots of photos when this man grabbed my arm and said in his broken English "take me" If you have been to Egypt you know that usually this means: take a photo of me and then give me money. I repeatedly told him I didn't have any money but he insisted so I took about five or six shots and then happily showed him this one on my cameras display, he smiled and shook his head approvingly.....and then asked me for money.....

It was just a few months after the revolution and people were apprehensive about traveling to Egypt and surrounding areas. The good news? There were hardly anyone at all the usual tourist spots, so it made it very easy to capture some amazing photos without the crowds.

"Live the Adventure"