Why I love ThisLife (cloud photo storage) and you will too... by JD Andrews

Five months and 27,020 photos later and I'm still loving
A cloud based photo and video storage website that makes uploading, storing and searching the 'moments' in your life quick and easy.


7 reasons why I love ThisLife:


 1. Oh Where, Oh Where - It finds and uploads all your photos and videos that are scattered around the web and puts them all in one place. That includes RAW files and HD video!

2. Anytime, Anywhere - Everything is stored in the cloud, safe and sound. No worries about that hard drive failure or a camera malfunction and I can access everything anywhere in the world (if there's an internet connection, duh)

 3. Can you find me now? - The visual search makes it so easy to locate that photo of a person, place or even a certain activity plus it has facial recognition technology, duplicate detection and image enhancement.

4. There’s an app for that! - Very nice iPhone and iPad app!

5. Nothing is Free, Except This - 1,000 photos or 1 hour of video with the free account.

 6. Share and Share alike - You can share what you want, with whom you want, when you want. Send pics to your Facebook wall, Twitter, Tumblr or old fashion e-mail.

7. Privacy Please! - You control all your Moments. They don’t own them and They can’t view them. All defaults are private.


*Disclaimer: I contacted ThisLife to let them know how much I liked their product. After many conversations I decided to work with them and help get the word out about my new favorite cloud photo storage service.


Video Gear Review - The Photography and Cinema Pistol Grip by JD Andrews


The P&C Pistol Grip uses the standard threaded stud so you can attach almost any photo or video accessory.

The ergonomic grip makes shooting video with a point and shoot more stable and it's the perfect compliment for your GoPro making it easier to hold and control.

The wide rubber platform holds your camera or accessory in place and helps prevent any movement while shooting.

And it's sturdy enough to be used with any DSLR.

A small metal insert below the handle allows you to attach a tripod or any other accessory.

New Video Intro! earthXplorer media inc - 'putting the media in social media' by JD Andrews

earthXplorer media inc - 'putting the media in social media'

Spain, Travel bloggers and Me - TBEX Europe 2012 by JD Andrews


If you're not familiar with TBEX, it's a conference of travel bloggers & writers, their motto is 'Where new media travel writers come to network & learn'

I'm very excited to be speaking at the next TBEX Europe that will be held in Costa Brava, Spain on September 21st and 22nd, 2012.

This will be my third time attending TBEX and second time speaking. I always look forward to going and seeing all my travel friends and colleagues who come from all over the globe to see and hear what's happening in the world of travel, blogging, photography and video. Speaking of video, that's what I'll be speaking about on Day 2 (Sept 21st) in Room 1 at 3pm:

How to Creating Travel Videos People will Actually Watch (not just your Mom)

by JD Andrews

Content Creation

Learn from an industry veteran how to capture the best video and audio while on the road.

  • Best equipment for traveling videographers: cameras, Tri-pods, computers, lights, mics, batteries, bags etc. plus digital management after the shoot and storage.
  • How to keep your gear safe, dry and ready to go at any time.
  • How to shoot a professional video that people will want to watch, not just your Mom.
  • Recommendations for music, graphics, sound effects etc.
  • You and Copyrights - Where to host your videos including the best export, capture rates and settings.
  • How to conduct a good interview and best audio equipment to use.
  • Good lighting and different shooting angles and techniques

Plus it's in Costa Brava, Spain!!!

So if you're a travel enthusiast that's always wanted to get into travel blogging or a serious travel blogger already, TBEX is a great place to learn, share and have fun! (did I mention it's in SPAIN!) :-)


For more information on TBEX Europe 2012 - CLICK ME! or to Register - CLICK ME!

Hope to see you there.

Safe travels,