It was a Sizzling Miami Tweetup by JD Andrews

 It was a perfect Miami night for the #SizzlingMiamiTweetUp at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Beautiful Miami (taken with iPhone4)

I always say, "The best part of Social media is meeting the people you tweet with everyday IRL (In Real Life)"

And tonight was extra special for me - Meeting Sean (@2morrowknight) and Ann (@AnnTran_) after so many years of on-line conversations!

Lots of great people were there, including:

@acspang @OurTownMagazine @KarlDetkenProDJ @rjfrasca @isazapata @SteveAkinsSEO

How do YOU explain social media to your parents? by JD Andrews


join me on Google+I love my Mom!

ME: Hey Mom, have you heard about G+?

MOM: G what?

ME: G+ it's a new social media...(loss for words) it's uh, like Facebook and Twitter (what would you say to your mom?)

MOM: G+? Is it for over-weight people?

ME: No, no, it's G+ short for Google plus

MOM: The search google thingy? They search Social stuff now?

ME: Yes, no, I mean yea, same company but it's a new way to share....uh, stuff.

MOM: What stuff?

ME: Well, like Facebook, pics, stories...uh, everyday stuff

MOM: I just got on the book face and I still don't know why I keep getting all these mails in my e-box and I don't know who they are and why do they want to poke me and everyone is a farmer or in the mafia...

ME: (interrupting) Mom! It's just a new thing in Social Media, thought you might be interested....

MOM: Do you still go on the Tweeter?

ME: Love you Mom, chat soon.....


Shorty Awards Winner in Travel, ME! Wow! by JD Andrews

WOW! I was more than shocked when I found out this morning that I won the Shorty Award in Travel!

Winner in Travel: JD Andrews @earthXplorer 

Announcing 3rd Annual Shorty Awards Winners Conan O’Brien, Mayor Cory Booker, Neil Patrick Harris and Jonas Brothers were among the winners at the Shorty Awards, held Monday night ~ New York, NY (March 28th 2011)
The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi (@Aasif_Mandvi) hosted the 2011 Shorty Awards at the TimesCenter in New York City, honoring the top short form real-time content creators on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr.

About the Shorty Awards:
Hailed as the “Oscars of Twitter” by The New York Times, the Shorty Awards honor the best people and organizations producing short-form, real-time social media content. Winners are determined by a combination of popular vote and members of the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences.

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me!! :)


"Live the Adventure!" 

2010 year in review - Adventures & People by JD Andrews

I'm here looking back on 2010 and smiling about all the great places I had a chance to visit and all the cool people I met along the way.

It started easy enough in Florida at Disney World for a few days then down to Key West for a nice weekend at @HawksCayResort (*pics*) and then...


The @NASAtweetup at the Kennedy Space Center. Where I got to witness the very last "scheduled" launch of the Atlantis space shuttle. (*Pics1*) (*Pics2*) (*Pics3*) and met some really cool Space Tweeps ~ including @bethbeck @samerfarha @deraven @CSJudd @gmr2048 @Sternenfee @globalsultana & @LanceUlanoff

STS-132 Atlantis Shuttle Lift Off - 5.14.10 


In June I was one of five Twitterers (is that a word?) that were chosen to goto Rwanda, Africa for Environmental day, the Kwita Izina Gorilla Naming Ceremony and a Gorilla hike. Along with @ @ @ & @ 

Don Cheadle - Kwita Izina Gorilla Naming Ceremony, Rwanda 6.05.10

From Africa to Alaska, joining more twitterers on the #FollowMeAtSea @PrincessCruises Land & Sea Cruise.


I met So many great travel tweeps: @theplanetd @ @OrlandoChris @ @ @ @    @ & @

 It was so much fun and the beauty of Alaska was incredible! (*pics*)

While spending a few days in Colorado with family (*PICS*) I started thinking about this great connection between Travel & Social Media.






 That's when I decided this would make a very cool TV show and @GoingSocialTV was born!

GoingSocial TV ~ Intro ~ New show about travel & social media

GoingSocial TV ~ A new show about travel & social media.
Talking with people and companies around the world about how social media is affecting their lives and the way they are now doing business. Come along as we Go! - GoingSocial! :)

Follow us on twitter @GoingSocialTV


Two Episodes were planned and ready to be shot, first up ~ San Francisco! (*PICS1*) (*PICS2*)

I had a chance to meet and interview @CraigNewmark

I also interviewed Jill Fletcher from @VirginAmerica & Yuval Koren, co-founder of Eye-Fi @EyeFiCard

Met and had drinks with Diggnation's Video Producer, Editor & Camera Op, Glenn McElhose @glennmc & Revision3 Producer, David Prager.

I also had a chance to meet @meganberry @TedRubin @evilspinmeister & @DvinMsM


Then I was off to the other coast ~ New York City!

There I met and interviewed Brian Simpson from the Roger Smith Hotel. 

I also had a chance to interview Duncan Mitcell from @SomeEcards


Then one day on Twitter I got a tweet from @BradBillard that read: have you ever been to Niagara Falls?

We started chatting (tweeting) about the company that he worked for and he convinced me I should experience the Falls on a Whirlpool Jet Boat! So off I went to Buffalo/Niagara. (*PICS*)

Many thanks to @BuffaloNiagara

I had a great time, the people were so friendly and besides seeing the amazing falls, Buffalo has a lot of history that I was not aware of. (*PICS*)


Then I was off to Los Angeles for the #140Conf created by @JeffPulver

This was my second #140Conf in LA so it was like a reunion seeing all my favorite Tweeps!!

@mayhemstudios @jeffrago @SharonHayes @imadnaffa @NBCphotog @Jason_Pollock 

@kiasuchick @JessicaNorthey @MarshaCollier @SvenJohnston @michelemeiche @TechFrog 

@justinjwilliams @hankwasiak @BruceSallan @EpicSkin @kathyklingaman @wordsdonewrite 

@hoda007 @CharityIdeas @TheBigDebowski @MiaChambers @JeffreyFriend 

@MagicSauceMedia @iamkhayyam @Ohdoctah @kim @adventuregirl @ciaobella50

@BigHeadAsian @BethFrysztak @RickBakas @AnythingAnthony @Jonathan360 @ProjectQuinn

@DvinMsM @LoriMoreno @24k @VegasBill @purplehayz @momsofamerica

and more (if I missed you, please let me know)

(*PICS1*)  (*PICS2*)


Next stop London, England!

There I met with and interviewed: Iain Dodsworth, founder of TweetDeck ~ Tom Hall, editor of Lonely Planet ~ Producer of Long Way Down & Long Way Around, Russ Malkin (*PICS*) and Lloyd Davis, founder of the Tuttle Club.

I also had a chance to meet up with: @Hedgewytch @501places & @Happysoul

~ and while visiting London, We had a tweet-up with:

@beckalfc @surreyblonde @nickdonnelly @Travelingeditor @bootlegbowie    

@Ainebelton @HotelPRGuy @CancerMatters @CRUKWalton @Janedebond @MrOliverMellors 

@AboutLondon @BlueTerrapin @kazthomas @pixies_mum ~ there were more that left early (please let me know...) 


....a #TravelTuesday tweet from @DoHop ..."Have you ever been to Iceland?" Nope, I've never been.....a few weeks later I was off to Reykjavík! Thanks to Johann Thorsson, David Gunnarsson and everyone at Dohop, my trip to Iceland was unforgettable! (*PICS*)

I also got to meet my Icelandic twitter friends @inga_ros & @hjortur


I spent a weekend in Niagara Falls (yes again) this time on the Canadian side. (*PICS*)

...and the last trip of 2011 ~ was Peru and Machu Picchu 

What an Amazing year!! Thank you to all the people that I met and I look forward to next years adventures and meeting more cool Tweeps! 

Happy New Year!!! :)

Safe Travels ~ Live The Adventure