travel rules

Travel is like Sex... by JD Andrews


What is a 'true traveler' or 'the right way to travel' has been the topic of many conversations especially in the travel community. Should you count how many countries you've been to? I do and it's mostly because that is the first question I'm asked when people find out I travel for a living. (83 if you're wondering) :-)

Where are the rules?  Who makes them?  Who's checking?  Who cares?

My analogy for travel - it's like SEX

  • We're all scared and unsure at first
  • After you start - you just want more
  • Most everyone likes it
  • There are many different ways to go about it
  • There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way
  • It's all about what makes you feel safe, comfortable and happy
  • Some dream about it
  • Some brag about it
  • Some do it solo
  • Some have become addicted to it
  • Passion makes it more fun
  • It's always important to be safe

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Please share your thoughts on 'real travel'!