Sunrise on Iceberg Beach in Iceland by JD Andrews

eXploring the Beautiful Island of Aruba by JD Andrews

All slide-show photos were taken with my GalaxyS6 with Gorilla Glass 4

I was very excited to be asked by Aruba tourism if I'd like to spend a few days on this beautiful Island. I have been to Aruba many times but that was many years ago. I was happy to see some  of my favorite places as well as some I've never been to! 

One of my favorites was the Natural pool which is not easy to access but well worth the bumpy ride and is very close to the amazing boca keto beach, that has rock formations on each side.

(The Natural Pool, also known as "conchi" or "Cura di Tortuga", is a natural pool of water located in a very remote area in the north of Aruba. It is formed by rock and volcanic stone circles)

The Flamingos live on Renissance's private island and the lighthouse is must see tourist stop.

I hope you enjoy the slide show as much as I enjoyed my time on Aruba!

Inukshuk in Churchill Manitoba by JD Andrews

Inukshuk Churchill Manitoba Canada.jpg

An inuksuk is a stone landmark or cairn built by humans and are created in many different forms and for a variety of purposes: For navigation or directions, to mark a place of respect or memorial for a beloved person, or to indicate migration routes or places where fish or shelter can be found.

Visual Journey Sailing to Antarctica by JD Andrews

Sailing from Ushuaia Argentina, you travel through some of the the roughest sea in the world (the Drake Passage) on your way to Antarctica. After a few days, you start to see land again and this is what it looks like....amazing!

Incredibly Red Lanai Sunset by JD Andrews

Red Lanai Hawaii Sunset.jpg

Lanai Hawaii