[VIDEO] The peaceful sights and sounds of Maracas Beach by JD Andrews

Spend a minute enjoying the peaceful sights and sounds of Maracas Beach, Trinidad

Beautiful Trinidad Sunset as the Sky fills with Scarlet Ibis by JD Andrews

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Beautiful Maracas Beach - Trinidad by JD Andrews

What makes a beach perfect?

Gorgeous location? ✔ Blue water? ✔ Not to busy? ✔ Lifeguard? ✔ Nice sand?

✔ Close to food? ✔ Restrooms? ✔ That would be perfect, right?

Maracas Beach has all that but wait, that's not all.... FREE Wi-Fi ✔✔✔✔✔

It's located on the Islands North side and only an hour drive from Port of Spain.

It's one of the most well known beaches On the island.


Richard's Bake and Shark!

Bake and Shark - Great Lunch!

When you are visiting Trinidad and Tobago, a stop a Maracas Beach is a must! Try the Bake and Shark and thank me later.

Travel Photo - Beautiful Trinidad View by JD Andrews


Beautiful hill top Panorama of Trinidad by JD Andrews