Seal on Ice in NE Greenland by JD Andrews

Curious Seal by Glacier - Alaska by JD Andrews

Looking for wildlife? Turn around.

Looking for wildlife? Turn around.

Poor Old Seal - Antarctica by JD Andrews

I was very fortunate to see and photograph many seals during this trip. I was told that since we enjoyed an unprecedented three days of blue skies, the seals were out of the water enjoying the sun. Scratches, gashes and deep wounds were visible on many of the seals. This particular one looked worn out and much older than most of the others. As you can see, he (or she) has been through a lot by the multiple scars that covered its entire body.

Is this seal thinking..."yummy, in my tummy" by JD Andrews

The Weddell seal was discovered and named in the 1820s during expeditions led by James Weddell, the British sealing captain, to the parts of the Southern Ocean now known as the Weddell Sea

Seal Strikes a Pose on Whalers Bay - Antarctica by JD Andrews

Whalers Bay in Deception Island