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The Story of Smokey Bear [VIDEO] by JD Andrews



Only you can prevent forest fires! 

Smokey Bear was, and still is, a big influence in my life. He was the first celebrity I'd ever met in person, he gave away really cool swag (still does by the way) and look at him...he's a hat wearing, shovel carrying, BIG teddy bear!

While on my New Mexico adventure,  I found out Smokey was from New Mexico, so I tracked down Mr. Larry Paul who's with the USDA Lincoln National Forest, and asked him to tell me the story of Smokey the Bear!

Some Facts about Smokey:

Smokey is a North American black bear but he was brown in color. 

He was found May 9th 1950. 

Smokey's almost 70 years old and he's still cool as ever, he even follows me on the Twitters!

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