Watch the Aurora Borealis From Your Bed by JD Andrews

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Borealis Basecamp

Fairbanks Alaska

Borealis Basecamp is only 25 miles away from Fairbanks Alaska. Clear, curved windows stretch 16 feet across each dome roof to provide a great view of the Northern Lights.

On 100 acres of private land in the middle of the boreal forest sits 10 geodesic domes.

With no light pollution and only a few people in the area, you can capture some amazing Aurora photos and leave with magical memories.

You can enjoy the incredible view from the new dining room after experiencing some of the activities that are available:

ATV Tour


Snow Machines

Photography tour with instruction

And they can even rent you the outdoor gear you'll need.

2640 Himalaya Rd Fairbanks, AK 99701 +1 (907) 885-2845

2640 Himalaya Rd Fairbanks, AK 99701 +1 (907) 885-2845

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