Carnegiea Gigantea

The Mysterious Saguaro Cactus - Tucson by JD Andrews

Saguaro Cactus

Some cool Facts about the saguaro cactus (Carnegiea Gigantea):

Saguaros are found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert and is the largest cactus in the United States.

saguaros can live to be 150 to 200 years old.

Large and tree-like, the saguaro cactus grow branches (or arms) as they age, although some may not.

The arms generally bend upward and can number over 25.

Saguaros are covered with protective spines. They grow white flowers in late spring and produce red fruit in the summer.

You can only find saguaro cactus in southern Arizona, Western Sonora, Mexico and a maybe a few in southeast California.

Saguaro grow very slowly, a 10 year old plant might only be 1.5 inches tall.

Saguaro can grow to be 40 to 60 feet tall or 12-18m.

If there is a lot of rain and the saguaro is fully hydrated it can weigh between 3200-4800 pounds.