Baby Grand Piano

From Yurt to Dessert - An Unforgettable Dinner in the Mountains by JD Andrews

When I first heard that we would be having dinner at 8000ft in a Yurt, like most people, I said huh???


But I was up for anything. It was our second day in Park City and it was a perfect night. The moon was full, you could see planets and millions of stars in the clear night sky...So why not? :)


We boarded our sleigh, got covered in blankets and sat back to enjoy the moonlit ride straight up the mountain.


And that's when I found out what a 'Yurt' was: 

A Yurt is a "portable" structure much like those used by nomadic tribes in Mongolia over 2000 years ago. The domed, tent-like structure sits on top of a portable wooden frame to create an efficient shelter that is environmentally friendly. Despite their rustic appearance, today’s Yurts are quite high tech.  A Yurt offers people an experience close to nature. You can hear the wind, see the snow, enjoy the outdoors, but it’s comfortable and warm when you’re inside.


It was actually very warm and friendly inside! We started the night off with an old Viking tradition, Glogg!


This is a hot, non-alcoholic berry based drink spiced with cardamon, nutmeg and cinnamon.We had several courses and they were all delicious! The Yurt was filled with happy people and beautiful piano music, coming from the baby grand that made the trip up the mountain many months before we did.


It was a perfect night!


After Dinner, we headed back down the mountain....

I highly recommend The Viking Yurt -  Located at Park City Mountain Resort.

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