My Four Favorite 'little' Travel Gadgets / by JD Andrews

"It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary"

Here are four of my favorite, simple, little gadgets that I think are extraordinary and never leave home without.

Dual USB Car Charger - ReTrak Retractable Charge Cable -  Ultra Portable Smartphone Cable - Dual USB Wall Charger

1. Dual USB Car Charger

On the road you're constantly looking for one thing...power! One power source that's often overlooked is the automobile. I haven't been in a car, van or bus that doesn't have a lighter in it. Besides creating fire, it's also a great power source!

That's where a dual USB car charger comes in handy. I suggest the dual version since everyone needs some extra juice and that bus driver might be more willing to hand over that precious power if you offer to share in the charing goodness.

For faster charging and to keep that iPad going (or any 'pad' for that matter) I suggest picking up one with a High Output of 4.2A.

A is for Amps - That's nerd talk for real powerful!

2. Retractable Charge and Sync Cable

I travel with many gadgets and they all have cables, which ends up becoming a tangled mess when I arrive at my destination. To fix that, I now use ReTrak - The retractable charge and sync cables. They come in different colors and are made for various gadgets. From retractable HDMI cables to headphones, including all the smartphone configurations you could ever need. I've used and loved these for years now! For more info, visit

3. Ultra Portable Smartphone Cable 

From the company Nomad (cool name huh?) comes some very cool, ultra portable, smartphone cables. One in the shape of a house-key and the other is the size of a credit card. They're also Apple MFi certified (not sure what that is but sounds important) for iPhone, iPad and iPod Lightning devices. Also USB 2.0 certified, so you can charge any micro USB device like your smartphone, tablets, Kindles, etc.

They just announced a new product today! To check them all out, visit

4. Dual USB Port Wall Charger

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Two is always better than one!

We all know those hotel outlets fill up quickly and with all my travel gadgets I always need more, o I use the Motorola Dual USB Port Universal Wall Charger! (that's a long name for such a tiny item)

Why? Well it's Motorola. Yep, we've all heard of that company and when you're powering up those pricey gadgets you don't want a no-name brand that could cause damage. This one can support two items charging simultaneously from it`s two USB Ports. It has surge and over-charging IC chips built in (I don't know what that means but it sounds good) so it's protected from damaging your battery. Plus, when you're at the airport and there's no place to plug in, it's easy to ask someone if you can 'share' the plug with your handy-dandy dual wall charger!

What are your favorite travel gadgets? Let me know in the comments :)