My Favorite Travel App - TripIt / by JD Andrews

The answer: TripIt

The question: What's your favorite travel App. I get asked this at least once a week and the answer is always the same.


The next question, Why?

Simplicity, yep it's so simple - All you have to do is forward an e-mail. (not jokes, I'm looking at you Mom)

Airlines, Hotels, Railways, Airport shuttles and Rental car companies, you can forward confirmation emails from more than 3,000 different travel booking sites. (that's a lot of sites!)

After you forward it, your itinerary and travel details are all in one convenient place. You can then customize it with maps, directions and even pictures and notes.

After your itinerary is created you can access it anytime online or using your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone 7.


It then will automatically sync with your calendar, how cool is that?  You can also share your travel plans with your family, friends or work and if you'd like, post it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

So if you're looking for that ONE perfect travel app, you have to get TripIt.

Like the old saying goes "try it, you'll like it"