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Holiday Travel Tips by JD Andrews

If you missed the #twangout, here is the video, tips, links and info. :)

1. Go EARLY, it sounds obvious but you'd be surprised. IT WILL BE VERY BUSY, get there way before your flight and be prepared to stand in long lines.

2. Learn more about the airports you will be using during your trip. Where is the parking, rental car returns, waiting areas, etc. Check their website for maps and info.

3. Download travel apps. Airlines, airports and even the TSA has an app. Download them, use them, smile! :)

4. NO wrapped presents in your carry-on. Security will unwrap them. Put them in your checked bags or ship them. Also, no Snowglobes.

5. 3-1-1: You can only bring liquid that's in a 3 ounce container, all in a 1 quart sized plastic bag, 1 bag per person.

Disability or medical conditions help and info, call TSA: 1-855-787-2227

Please add any of your Holiday Travel Tips in the comments!

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!