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Photo Tour - Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll, Spain by JD Andrews

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The Benedictine Monastery in Ripoll was founded by Count Wilfred "The Hairy" in the 9th century.

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The main feature of the monastery is its Romanesque front façade dating from the 12th century, which is divided into seven horizontal strips, in which Biblical, historical and allegorical scenes are depicted.

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The two-story cloister is located on the south side of the church.

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Plaza de l'Abat Oliba 

LocationPlaza de l'Abat Oliba17500 Ripoll (Girona)

Hubbard Glacier ~ A Visual Tour ~ Alaska by JD Andrews

Hubbard Glacier stretches 122km (76 miles) from the Yukon to the sea.

Named after Gardiner G. Hubbard in 1890.

It is the longest tidewater glacier in Alaska.

"Live The Adventure!"


A visual adventure through Tulum, Mexico (Photographs) by JD Andrews


The last time I toured Tulum was in 1992, so I was very excited to go back after all these years to explore and capture the beauty of this sea-side tourist attraction.

I hope you enjoy this visual adventure through this Mayan marvel....Tulum.