'Now We’re Getting Somewhere' Ep.2 with CEO/Owner of Uncruise Adventures [video] by JD Andrews

Episode 2 - 'Now We’re Getting Somewhere'

Dan Blanchard - CEO and Owner of Uncruise Adventures talks about how it all got started.

Now We’re Getting Somewhere with CEO/Owner of Uncruise Adventures - Dan Blanchard [video] by JD Andrews

Dan Blanchard, CEO/Owner of Uncruise Adventures, Explains His Company's Name and Motto.

A few months back I was in Alaska on assignment for a cruise magazine. I was about to board the Wilderness Explorer from Uncruise Adventures.

While checking in there was an option to join the CEO on a walking tour of his hometown of Juneau. Not one tour but he was giving multiple ones throughout the day.

As we walked around Juneau Dan told us stories of different locations, interesting facts about Alaska and even sang the Alaska flag song in front of the capital, while tearing up. Wow, this guy really loves Alaska! 

You’ll NEVER see a CEO of any cruise company take passengers on tour AND at the end of a cruise go onboard and ask “how was your week?” Except Dan.

I’ve been in the travel / cruise industry for over 20 years and I’ve never met anyone like him.

The first thing you notice about Dan is his over whelming energy and passion for his ‘job’ and Alaska.

I wanted to know more about this guy and his company, so I asked if I could interview him for my travel show ‘Now We’re Getting Somewhere’.

And after a few months I was back in Alaska. Onboard another Uncruise Adventures ship with Dan.

When I talk about Uncruise with others, I always find myself trying to explain the name….

So in this first video I asked Dan where the name ‘Uncruise’ came from and more about his company.

Polar bears on Ice (VIDEO) by JD Andrews

watch these cute guys slip and slide around…

~Churchill Canada

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2014! by JD Andrews

Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken
— F. Herbert

It was an adventurous 2013 - I was lucky to eXplore:

My wish list for 2014

  • Polar Bears! Canada or Norway
  • Japan
  • Galapagos
  • Cuba
  • China
  • Sailing the Greek Islands
  • Skiing - ANYWHERE 


If you don’t go, you’ll never know
— jda

The Story of Smokey Bear [VIDEO] by JD Andrews



Only you can prevent forest fires! 

Smokey Bear was, and still is, a big influence in my life. He was the first celebrity I'd ever met in person, he gave away really cool swag (still does by the way) and look at him...he's a hat wearing, shovel carrying, BIG teddy bear!

While on my New Mexico adventure,  I found out Smokey was from New Mexico, so I tracked down Mr. Larry Paul who's with the USDA Lincoln National Forest, and asked him to tell me the story of Smokey the Bear!

Some Facts about Smokey:

Smokey is a North American black bear but he was brown in color. 

He was found May 9th 1950. 

Smokey's almost 70 years old and he's still cool as ever, he even follows me on the Twitters!

Follow him HERE 

Smokey Links:

Smokey Bear Website

 Smokey Bear Historical Park 

U.S. Forest Service