Things to See

Kool Kasha-Katuwe - Tent Rocks National Monument - New Mexico by JD Andrews

Located in Jemez Springs, New Mexico 

On April 12, 1861 - Fort Sumter was shelled by Confederacy, Starting the Civil War by JD Andrews

Where the American Civil War Began

Decades of growing strife between North and South erupted in civil war on April 12, 1861, when Confederate artillery opened fire on this Federal fort in Charleston Harbor. Fort Sumter surrendered 34 hours later. Union forces would try for nearly four years to take it back.

Beautiful Owl from the South Carolina Aquarium by JD Andrews

The Berlin Wall by JD Andrews

The Berlin Wall was a barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic starting on August 13,  1961, that completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin.

The Beautiful Wat Phrathat at Doi Suthep Temple by JD Andrews

Wat Phrathat at Doi Suthep Temple - Chiang Mai Thailand