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It was a Sizzling Miami Tweetup by JD Andrews

 It was a perfect Miami night for the #SizzlingMiamiTweetUp at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Beautiful Miami (taken with iPhone4)

I always say, "The best part of Social media is meeting the people you tweet with everyday IRL (In Real Life)"

And tonight was extra special for me - Meeting Sean (@2morrowknight) and Ann (@AnnTran_) after so many years of on-line conversations!

Lots of great people were there, including:

@acspang @OurTownMagazine @KarlDetkenProDJ @rjfrasca @isazapata @SteveAkinsSEO

How do YOU explain social media to your parents? by JD Andrews


join me on Google+I love my Mom!

ME: Hey Mom, have you heard about G+?

MOM: G what?

ME: G+ it's a new social media...(loss for words) it's uh, like Facebook and Twitter (what would you say to your mom?)

MOM: G+? Is it for over-weight people?

ME: No, no, it's G+ short for Google plus

MOM: The search google thingy? They search Social stuff now?

ME: Yes, no, I mean yea, same company but it's a new way to share....uh, stuff.

MOM: What stuff?

ME: Well, like Facebook, pics, stories...uh, everyday stuff

MOM: I just got on the book face and I still don't know why I keep getting all these mails in my e-box and I don't know who they are and why do they want to poke me and everyone is a farmer or in the mafia...

ME: (interrupting) Mom! It's just a new thing in Social Media, thought you might be interested....

MOM: Do you still go on the Tweeter?

ME: Love you Mom, chat soon.....


Interview w/ Russ Malkin ~ Producer of Long Way Around & Long Way Down by JD Andrews

Interview with Russ Malkin ~ Producer of Long Way Around & Long Way Down starring Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman. He is currently writing a book about his travels, 101 Amazing Adventures of the World.

The Tuttle Club ~ Interview with @LloydDavis for @GoingSocialTV by JD Andrews

While in London I had a chance to meet lloyd Davis, Founder of The Tuttle Club. He explains what the Tuttle club is all about.

@GoingSocialTV ~ Promo by JD Andrews

A new TV show about travel and social media..... @GoingSocialTV


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