Key West

People are Dying to get in Here, The Key West Cemetery - GoingSocial.TV by JD Andrews

GoingSocialTV loves Key West - Seeing all the interesting sights that's made the Keys the perfect place to get away and we've enjoyed learning the colorful history of this beautiful island.

David Sloan, author and founder of the Key West Ghost Tours takes Rachelle Lucas on walk around Key West's famous Cemetery and points out all the interesting characters who were laid to rest here.

Stunning Key West Sunset by JD Andrews

Another beautiful sunset from mallory Square.

Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel - Visual Tour by JD Andrews

Marriott Key West bungalow

Marriott Key West Pool

Marriott Key West Pool Deck

Marriott Key West Pool Deck

Marriott Key West Suite

Marriott Key West Suite

Marriott Key West Suite

If you are planning a trip down to the Keys, make sure you check out the Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel.

This is why Key West is famous for its Sunsets! by JD Andrews

Key West Sunset

Ernest Hemingway's Office - Key West by JD Andrews

Ernest Hemingway's Office