"Banff is in Alberta?” said the American / by JD Andrews

That American? Me...

Yep, that guy named earthXplorer. The same one that’s been to over ninety countries and all seven continents didn’t know Banff (A Canadian National Park) was in Alberta Canada, only 128km from Calgary. That’s only 79.5 miles for us Americans.

So…. Why would I confess such a thing? Maybe because I’m human, I make mistakes and I continue to learn everyday? Yes and maybe, just maybe, others out there (not you of course) didn’t know this either. In fact, thanks to Travel Alberta, I learned a lot about Alberta, Calgary and Banff on my recent trip there. You might have seen a few of these: #ExploreAlberta

What I discovered about Banff:

  • It’s a National Park (Canada’s first one, established in 1885 – The second in North America,  after Yellowstone) and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • It all started due to three railway workers who discovered a natural hot spring in a cave on the eastern slopes of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains back in 1883
  • The tallest mountain in the park is Mount Forbes, the eight tallest in the Canadian Rockies
  • The town of Banff, is the highest town in Canada, elevation 1,463 meters (4,800feet)
  • The beautiful Lake Louise is located 54km (34miles) from the town of Banff
  • Lake Minnewanka is 20 minutes (no conversion necessary) North of Bannf - “Minn-waki” or “Lake of the Spirits”
  • It’s not a ski area - there are actually three ski resorts located in Banff: Mt. Norquay, The Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village
  • There’s a lot of Australians there. I’m told it’s easier for Australians to get a longer work Visa in Canada and once they’ve experienced the beauty of Banff, they return year after year
  • The Banff squirrel is very cool and a good photographer
  • Amazing sunsets
  • You might see wildlife
  • And last but not least, I LOVED it!

On this trip I had the opportunity to experience some amazing adventures: Bobsledding, Ice Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding (1st time), Dog Sledding, Indoor Rock Climbing plus visting a Wolf Sanctuary and many more! So stay tuned for many more photo-rich #ExploreAlberta Blog posts!