Penguin flying through the air - Antarctica (photo by Bob Chandler) / by JD Andrews

click for full versionOne of my favorite things about traveling is meeting people. On my recent trip to Antarctica I met Bob Chandler. This great photo of the flying penguin with the amazing reflection in the beautiful blue Antarctic waters, is his.

He and I were found most days up on deck, eyes glued to the passing ocean looking for whales, seals and Penguins. We both are "Canon Guys" and started discussing different cameras and lenses. About five or six days into the cruise Bob mentioned what he did for a living....He created Bigfoot! Yes, Bigfoot, the original monster truck back in 1979. Every American little boy knows Bigfoot and I was thrilled to meet him and his lovely wife Marilyn.

We never really discussed trucks, we talked more about photography, video and travel... You just never know who you will meet on your adventures, so get out there and say "HI, nice to meet you!"

Safe Travels!