Toronto Tweet-Up! / by JD Andrews


IMO - the best part of Social media is meeting the people you have connected with and been chatting to IRL (In Real Life)

Thanks to Alicia aka @Taggio for organizing this last minute Tweet-up and giving me a chance to meet the great tweeps of Toronto!

@Taggio  (Alicia) & @greggtilston (Gregg)

@solotraveler (Janice) & @girlsgetaway (Dian)

@andrearataj (andrea) - @nearafar - me - @lilmissplanet

@addict_nerd (Nicole & Gary) & me

@addict_nerd (Nicole) - @nearafar (Natalie) - @skychi_travels (Janice)

@meeshbeer & me - who I worked with at @royalcaribbean 20 years ago....time flies!

@lilmissplanet (Ivona) & @nearafar (Natalie)

@greggtilston & me

Beautiful night in Toronto, a great city with amazing people....thanks & safe travels


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